Filming a Video

we help you get clear on your message
& build a video strategy that converts

For the brand who values genuine connection with your audience
and leveraging the most powerful communication medium to

achieve your business goals

our unique story & strategy framework will help you step into your content marketing genius zone!

authentic video production
& clear video strategy.

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Let's take the stress out of content creation!

Too often we hear stories where brands have invested their time, money, heart & soul into professional video and photo content - but ultimately it just hasn't produced the desired results. 
If this sounds like you, then you are not alone!

You can have the most incredible and high quality content but if it's not created as part of an overall strategy then it can result in time and money down the toilet... *cry*
You wouldn't build a house without a set of architectural plans and creating content without a strategy to achieve your goals can feel like you are running blindfolded!

No more posting great content and just hoping for the best my friends....
We've got you!

Our unique video marketing framework is designed to get results.

Join us at any stage of the road map depending on where you are at

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Hey! I'm Cassie,
founder of Captive Media Co.

I love crafting story-driven content that actually gets results and helping the planet in the process!

Conscious. Content. Creation.

It's all about telling your story through beautiful visuals and in doing so, making a positive difference to our planet. 

A Brisbane-based small business with a big ambition.
 That's why we are PROUD MEMBERS of 1% for the Planet, pledging to donate 1% of gross annual sales to support nonprofit organisations focused on the environment. 
Your videos make a difference here.

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Conscious. Content. Creation.