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Hey there!

Here are some FAQ's that may help you answer any questions about what's involved in working with us. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out if there is anything not answered here that's on your mind, we are here to help :) 


What are the first steps to creating my video project?

The first stage is that we will schedule a 30-minute discovery call in which we will chat about your ideas and purpose for creating video. This includes things like:

• The purpose of your project and your goals for creating this content

• Key deliverables – How many videos are we looking to make?

• Emotional engagement – how do you want your audience to feel when they watch these?

• Strategy – are there any key concepts or ‘calls to action’ that you would ideally like to feature?

So, whilst you don’t need to have all of this information exactly clarified for the discovery call, it’s

great to have a general idea on these points in advance as it will help us with the creative

construction of your video brief.


It’s also ok if you have no idea where to start with this stuff! We’ve all

been there and I can help you lay the foundations and create your video content strategy.

What happens after the discovery call?

After the discovery call, as long as we’ve got some overall concepts defined, we will send you a tailored proposal with all of this information within 48 hours along with our quotation for the project.

Then it’s over to you to decide whether you’d like to go ahead with creating your epic content!

What is expected of me during the process?

During the process of pre-production, we will design your video brief together. We will produce a pre-production plan for you which may include storyboards, shot-lists, a video brief and scripting. Our goal is to support you completely through the process of pre-production planning. We can offer creative input and ideas and even help build your strategy if you want us to.

Your role is to work together with us through the process to create the best possible narrative and plan for your content, you also will need to sign off on the final pre-production plan prior to shooting commencing.

It’s really important that the decision maker in your business for the final delivery has signed off on the brief from your side before the shoot day, so that we know this is in line with the overall goals and deliverables of the project.

What is pre-production planning and how long does it take?

Pre-production is an extremely important part of the whole production process (about 50% of the total work for us in fact).

It involves conceptualisation, creating a robust and clear video brief and having our deliverables (e.g. end result) defined. Different types of video require different amounts of pre-production depending on the level of scripting / narrative / strategy that goes into them. 

But on average it's between 4-10 hours.


So basically, we all need to be on the same page about what we are trying to achieve and the direction of the project including any specific requests before the shoot day.


This is SO important as we know your time is valuable and we want to ensure that we produce a high-quality end product, that you are totally delighted with, in as little time as possible – without the endless back and forth.

This should be an experience that is enjoyable for both the client and the videographer and when

everyone knows exactly what is expected of them then we can go into our shoot day calm and

collected and let the creativity flow!

What is your turn around time for video content?

We aim to turn around draft videos within 14 days from the last shoot for the project. It's an ambitious target but we understand that this is an important factor for business owners and we want to ensure that our services are helping to solve your problems and deliver an exceptional service every time.

We also offer a skip-the-queue service for those super urgent projects that need faster turnaround.

How do I receive delivery of my videos / photo content?

You will receive delivery of your videos via a downloadable link. Easy!

Do I have copyright for the work you produce?

In Australia, copyright always sits with the artist / creator of the content under copyright law. So

essentially this means that you are licensed to use the work that we have created for you as per the

scope of our project contract / brief however full copyright will always remain with the creator i.e.

Captive Media Australia.

If you are interested in purchasing the raw footage we can do so and issue a copyright release agreement which will enable you all rights to use the footage again (including repurposing, re-editing etc). Please ask us for further information on pricing for a copyright release. 


We lay out the terms of the commercial licensing in our proposal so you understand what you can and can't do with this. This can be confusing though so please reach out if you have any questions about whether or not you need a copyright release as 9 times out of 10 you will find you don't need one :)


Where can I show the videos and photos?

Once the videos are completed for you, you will automatically receive a commercial license to show them on any of your platforms (including website, socials, emails etc)

How many iterations will I receive during the editing process?

We offer up to 2 rounds of iterations if required and within this 2 hours is complimentary to you. 

Anything over and above that 2 hours is billed at an hourly rate. 

How does payment & pricing work?

There is a 50% payment due up front with the signed contract and 50% due on final delivery of the assets. Final payment must be made to release downloadable assets. 

Each project is quoted individually for the work that is required as there are no two projects the

same. There are a huge number of variables which could affect the costs involved so pricing always

includes the requirements for the project along with the value the we will create for you by using the detailed video brief that we have already crafted together.


The quotation will include the 3 major steps in creating your content which are:

1. Pre-production (on average takes around 3-4 hours)

2. Shoot(s)

3. Post-production (editing).


Please reach out if you have any questions at all! 

We are here to help :) 

+61 450 000 977

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